Chocolate is a delicate, fragile and alive product, so much so at the elaboration time as at the tasting and preservation time.
The fragility of this product is mainly due to the composition of the raw materials and to the chocolate processing during its elaboration.
Chocolate alters in time depending on its conditions of preservation.
Chocolates are very sensitive to heat (sun light, oven or ventilation), to the dampness, to variations in temperature (open doors, air-conditioning, abrupt changes of the temperature) but also to the smells.
So, to preserve chocolate, it is necessary to follow a few rules:
– Do not leave chocolate in a fridge or a freezer.
Temperature changes could damage the product:  in fact, fat come go out the chocolate and then, it could absorb other food’s flavors.
On top of that, because of the dampness inside the fridge, the surface of the chocolate could lose its color and taste bitter.
– The perfect conservation temperature is between 16 and 19ºC.
Keep the chocolate in a dry and fresh place, far from strong smells.
Avoid the abrupt temperature changes to avoid the surface whitening of the product.
Tasting advices:
-The perfect ambient temperature for tasting is between 20 et 22ºC.
-Before tasting… all the chocolate aromas, we advise you to take the chocolate out and leave it at room temperature for 30 minutes.
Cold chocolate tasting only brings out 20% of all the aromas whereas at room temperature all its delightful aromas are released.
-The chocolate surface has to be shinny and the place where we cut the chocolate has to be dry and fresh.
-Appreciate its aromas by opening the packaging.
-By taking it in mouth, let the piece melt and chew slowly…
Enjoy the tasting!


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