DOUNIAMAG-BELGIUM-SWITZERLAND-FOOD-CHOCOLATEPut a piece of chocolate in the mouth, let it slowly melt on the tongue. Enjoy its flavor.

Chocolate has always given us pleasure, but it has also been surrounded by painful moments.

Its history begins thousands of years ago in the jungles of South America, where the cacao was used as currency and was worshiped the tree in which it grew. It was known as «the food of the gods» when the Spanish conquistadors discovered it and brought it to Europe. The Europeans developed the cultivation of cacao thanks to the hard work of the slaves who cultivated it.


Nowadays, the cultivation of cocoa is still a very delicate crop that only goes ahead with a lot of work.

It is the large multinationals that process and sell chocolate that control almost the entire world market, with not always fair labor practices and products of medium and low quality.

Fortunately, the consumption of Fair Trade chocolate increases every day as more and more people want to eat quality chocolate that has not been exploited to other people and the environment has not been damaged.


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