A first class chocolate can only be made with the best raw materials.
But this is not good enough for us.
We also guarantee that a fair price is given to the farmers for their products, and that we meet the highest standards on protecting the environment.
Transparency and social commitment are issues we take very seriously.
We believe that the best chocolates should always be produced in a sustainable way.
That’s why we guarantee that all our raw materials meet at least one of these three requirements:

– Our raw materials are LOCALLY PRODUCED (Km. 0), and they are bought directly from the producers, thus reducing dramatically pollution caused by transport.

We work and live in a rural area of Teruel, so we have at our disposal a variety of raw materials that are grown or produced locally.

The HONEY,  VIRGIN EXTRA OLIVE OIL,  MARCONE ALMONDS,  FRUITS,  SAFFRON we use are grown by small farmers with sustainable farming methods.

– Our raw materials are FAIR TRADE.
The small farmers benefit from a fair price and decent living conditions in exchange for growing COCOA, SUGAR, COFFEE, SPICES and QUINOA we use in our chocolates.  All our ingredients are cultivated on small plantations in Africa, Asia and Latin America, and are certified as Fair Trade and Organic farming products by FLO-Fairtrade.
We guarantee that all our raw materials meet the strictest Organic Farming criteria.  They are free from pesticides, chemical fertilizers and genetically modified organisms (GMO Free).


Para preservar la calidad de nuestros chocolates y evitar exponerlos a altas temperaturas, nuestro obrador permanecerá cerrado hasta el 1 de agosto

Comenzaremos a elaborar chocolates a partir de ese día y habilitaremos de nuevo nuestra Tienda Online: www.chocolatesartesanosisabel.com
Mientras tanto, les atenderemos en: info@chocolates.bio
Disculpen las molestias, muchas gracias.

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