Chocolates Artesanos éticos de comercio justo

Our products are Organic, Fair Trade and locally produced. Our artisanal chocolates are truly delicious, and really amazing!

Quality is our main priority, and we are only content when through hard work and know-how we meet the highest standards. But this is still not enough. We also feel concerned by the people that harvest our prime materials; we want to make sure that their living and working conditions are fair. And we care about the Earth and the way we live in it. Because chocolate is not just a product: it’s a passion which allows us to do our bit to make a difference:


Handcrafted and made with the best raw materials.



  • Fair Trade guarantees a living wage and improved working conditions for producers of deprived areas of countries of the South, which are also the growing areas of most of the cocoa, sugar cane and other raw materials we use to create our chocolate. The FLO-Fairtrade Seal garantees that we only use the very best raw materials and that both the rights of the people and the environment have been respected. More information about Fairtrade and

Sello Fairtrade - Comercio Justo

  • The Women’s Institute has recognized us as a «Collaborating Company for Equal Opportunities between Women and Men». Our small company focus on creating quality female employment and thus reconcile work and family life.

Igualdad de Oportunidades entre mujeres y hombres


  • All our chocolates are BIO and the raw materials we work with are BIO and/or locally produced.
  • We make sure to minimize our packaging materials, using either recycled paper or paper coming from sustainable forests, with minimal use of inks and disposable material.
  • Most of our suppliers share our principles and practices, use renewable energy and are socially equitable and environmentally friendly.
  • Within our philosophy of working with good, clean and fair products, we also care about the utensils we use to work: the kitchenware is lead and PTFE free and we employ biodegradable detergents without phosphates.
  • All our chocolates are Fair Trade certified, they are suitable for a lacto-vegetarian diet and are free of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO Free).

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Para preservar la calidad de nuestros chocolates y evitar exponerlos a altas temperaturas, nuestro obrador permanecerá cerrado hasta el 1 de agosto

Comenzaremos a elaborar chocolates a partir de ese día y habilitaremos de nuevo nuestra Tienda Online:
Mientras tanto, les atenderemos en:
Disculpen las molestias, muchas gracias.

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