Why choose Chocolates Artesanos Isabel?

In Chocolates Artesanos Isabel, we elaborate with the best ingredients of chocolates crafts, certified by Ecological Agriculture and Fair Trade. Our passion is to create delicious chocolates that have a positive impact on our environment and on the planet.

Why choose Chocolates Artesanos Isabel?
Amazing artisan chocolates


Our chocolates are, besides artisans, not boring at all. We have a great variety of original recipes that will make you rediscover the chocolate.



We make delicious chocolates, handmade, surprising. The quality is fundamental and we put all our efforts and our expertise in how to elaborate the ones that we hope are the best chocolates that you have tried. But we also care about the people who make it possible and the conditions in which they make it.

Natural products


Good chocolate is only possible with good raw materials. In our case we try to find the best ones, also looking for that its production is respectful with the people and the environment.

Healthy chocolates


  • Gluten free, without allergenic.
  • Without artificial additives
  • Ecological and healthy
  • Without GMO.
  • With Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • Hand crafted
  • 100% cocoa butter
Online services


  • FREE shipping costs from € 60
  • Personalized attention via mail, chat live chat or in the 978.84.07.11
  • Secure payment methods: Card, Paypal or Bank transfer
  • Possibility to wrap your products for gift
  • Speed: Ships in 24-48 hours to the peninsula once your product has been made.
  • From 30 € of purchase, you have a gift
  • Area for professionals
Sustainable packaging


We are aware of how important an appropriate packaging is when it comes to a product as delicate and special as our chocolate, but we also have clear that our packaging has to be respectful with the environment.

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